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Sahiwal Cow Supplier In Karnal : Best Dairy Cattle For Your Farm

In case you are seeking the best dairy cattle for either your farm or personal use, you should consider choosing the best. But, there are too many things you need to consider while seeking out the best dairy cattle for your needs. To choose the right breed before learning about the characteristics of the cattle, you should also consider your budget, determine your needs and requirements, and how you are going to use the cow or the milk. Then, it would be best if you also learned about the breed of the cattle, such as Holstein Friesian or HF and Sahiwal cow. In addition to that, you should also consider buying only from the right Sahiwal Cow Supplier in Karnal or Sahiwal Cow Traders in Karnal.

Best Cattle Breeds:-

Holstein Friesian (HF Cow)

In case you are thinking about starting a dairy farm for your business, consider buying an HF cow. They are one of the most profitable breeds in the dairy Business. Furthermore, they are considered to be one of the best when it comes to Efficiency. In addition to these, the milk of HF cows is enriched in calcium and has lots of nutritional value. According to experts, the milk of HF cows provides benefits to the heart, brain as well as eyes. Being the most profitable breed in the dairy industry, it can produce more than 23,000 pounds of milk during each lactation.

Sahiwal Cow

Sahiwal cows are considered to be the most efficient and preferred cattle in the dairy business. Being one of the best dairy breed cattle, it also is profitable in the dairy Business. They are more docile compared to other breeds of cows, which makes them more efficient to control. Furthermore, the best thing about this particular breed is they are resistant to heat, ticks, and parasites both internally and externally. It produces an average amount of 13,227 pounds of milk on each lactation. The milk of Sahiwal Cows is enriched in high protein. Another convenient thing about Sahiwal cows is that they are highly adaptable to every weather condition.

Breed Characteristics of High Yielding Dairy Cattle

  • The cow should have attractive individuality with femininity, vigor, and harmonious blending of all parts.
  • The cattle should also have a wedge-shaped body.
  • It should have bright eyes along with a lean neck.
  • The skin of the udder should have recognizable traces of suitable blood vessels.
  • The udder of the cattle also needs to be well attached to the abdomen.

Best Cow Supplier in Karnal

The Mahadev Dairy Farm is one of the leading and reputed cow breeders in karnal. They are also an efficient Sahiwal Cow Supplier in Karnal. They are not only Sahiwal Cow Traders in Karnal, but they also provide a wide range of healthy, high-yielding cows within a considerable budget. This client-focused farm breeds its cows in a Hygienic environment with the collaboration of professional veterinarians. Established in 1995, Mahadev Dairy Farm has been a profound supplier of quality cattle.