Murrah Buffalo

Black Original Dairy Murrah Buffalo Suppliers & Traders in Karnal

Mahadev Dairy Farm, a buffalo dealer & supplier Karnal has earned goodwill in the dairy market by fully satisfying its customers all over India and therefore, it has become the fastest-growing Murrah Buffalo Supplier in Karnal. We provide Murrah Buffalo with a strong genetic lineage. We offer complete satisfaction to our customers because every cow has to go through a series of quality checks before shipping. We are a leading Black Original Murrah Buffalo Trader. Due to the dedication and hard work of our dedicated team of animal lovers, we have been able to deliver healthy and high-yielding buffalo and have earned a reputation of the best Female Black Original Murrah Buffalo Trader.

Characteristics of the Murrah Buffalo

  • The cow is black in color and is very beautiful in appearance. It has beautiful and strong horns that are generally short and tightly curved.
  • The ears of the buffalo are slightly thin, short, and alert.
  • They can yield up to 16 liters of milk per day.

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