HF Cow

HF Cow Supplier & Traders In Karnal


Mahadev Dairy Farm, an HF cow supplier in karnal is engaged in offering the best HF cows. The HF cow is among the most profitable breed in the dairy industry. We procure our HF cows only from reliable sources to maintain the quality of our cows. Moreover, we rear them in the cleanest and most hygienic environment. Our highly dedicated team provides timely vaccinations to the cows so that they remain disease-free. We ensure that you get HF cow at a reasonable rate in the market and get timely delivery. Due to all these efforts, we are a leading HF cow Trader in Karnal.

Characteristics of the HF cow

  • HF cow is one of the best and most highly efficient cow breeds.
  • The milk of HF cows is nutrient-rich and has great benefits for the brain, eyes, and heart. It has high amounts of calcium as well which promotes bone strength.
  • It has the ability to produce more than 23,000 pounds of milk during each lactation.

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