Murrah Buffalo

Murrah Buffalo Suppliers In Karnal, All You Need To Know

Dairy is one of the most dominant industries in the Indian economy. While the Agricultural Sector itself occupies a considerable chunk of our workforce, the dairy industry in itself generates massive employment and hence, colossal production as well. Indians live off dairy products, justifying the demand and supply cycle. From milk to chocolates to paneer to curd, these dominant players of an Indian diet are all dairy products.

The problem in the Industry

But despite all such demand, the authentic supply of dairy is still in a questionable situation. Often day, news comes up on how a group of dairy dealers fooled their retailers and customers into synthetic and unhealthy dairy. Hence, it’s evident that people tend to restrain from trusting the dealers right away and prefer cross-checking.

But you need to trust, and you can

But you can’t just go on mistrusting every dairy dealer and cross-check every time you consume. And the best thing is, you don’t always have to, especially if you are dealing with the dairy animal dealers in Karnal.

If you prefer Buffalo dairy products, Mahadev Dairy Farm is the best Murrah Buffalo supplier in Karnal, without any doubt. They supply only the high-yielding variety of cattle to the dairy dealers in town, making it easier to have access to only the genuine and best quality. Mahadev being the Black Original Murrah Buffalo trader makes sure that dairy dealers purchasing cattle from them only serve the best of their customers.

What exact qualities do these cattle have?

With the best yielding qualities, their Murrah Buffalo stocks are indeed the healthiest and most well maintained. But how do they manage to serve such quality?

  • They are, firstly, higher levels of breeds, and hence, their high yield is assured from their breeding period itself. Higher breeds assure that not only do they render the best quality cattle to their customers, i.e., dairy dealers, but they also make sure that the end customer only receives the best.
  • These buffaloes are then brought up with a lot of care to make sure that their inborn qualities are well nurtured and they yield precisely how they are supposed to.
  • They are also meant to have a superior grazing quality that ensures good yield. Hence, the dairy dealers will no more have to worry about the nutrition the buffaloes need for good yield.
  • They will, by heredity, produce large amounts of milk without any external stimulation. Instead, external stimulation can hinder the natural yield.
  • These breeds have a maximum tolerance for the humid climate of the tropical zone, and hence, such adversities don’t affect their yield so quickly.
  • They also conduct weekly surveys to ensure the excellent health and shape of their cattle and added assurance.

Hence, there are still many firms like Mahadev Dairy Farm that provide good quality high yielding cattle and dairy dealers who deal in such genuine and quality milk. You can still put your trust in them to offer good health to you and your family!